The Story with Net Neutrality and What It Means for Storytellers

For that past week or so, the internet has been buzzing about Net Neutrality and its implications for the common internet user. Naturally, most people would do well to educate themselves about a move by our government that essentially results in a corporate tax on the world wide web. If only it were that simple.

If that were all, I wouldn’t be writing this article – I’d just let you read about the issue herehere, and any number of other places on the web. So what else is there to talk about? Well, the abolishment of Net Neutrality would also result in some unpleasant side effects that apply uniquely to storytellers and threaten the very existence of independent filmmakers, web developers, and musicians everywhere.

Think I’m being a little overdramatic? Let’s talk. (more…)

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Science, Storytelling, and A Bit of “Light” Humor

Stories are our lifeblood.

Simply put, we can’t live without them. Books, movies, and television are common examples, but if we’re honest, that’s only the beginning. Long before Edison or the Lumiére brothers revolutionized visual storytelling, Michelangelo and Rembrandt captured audience’s imaginations – often communicating volumes with only a single still image. Stories can communicate ideas, teach lessons, break hearts, sooth fears, and shake nations – they’re an integral part of our human experience. The history and perceptions of men are literally shaped by the writers, the painters, and the filmmakers who share their souls with their fellow men – in short, storytellers shape the world.

This blog is for the storytellers.

As we know, artists need tools – a painter needs his brush and a writer needs his pen. A filmmaker or photographer must, by necessity, possess a camera – but this is only the beginning. To the uneducated observer, a painter sits in front of an easel splattering color on canvas as he pleases, but in reality, that same painter must have intricate knowledge of light, shadow, depth cues, color harmonies, and any number of other topics to be successful in the creation of his art. This blog aims to explore those things – the science behind the storytelling.

Here, we aim to create better stories by giving creators the resources to become better storytellers. To that end, we’ll be providing in-depth analysis of the techniques required to tell successful stories. In addition, we’ll be providing other goodies like gear reviews, interviews with working professionals, and even a weekly(ish) web comic. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a photographer, a designer, or a writer, we hope that you’ll find something here that speaks to you, and that you’ll join us as we grow.

After all, this is the start of our story, and we’re happy to have you along.

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